Architectural Design And Role Of Technology

In the past, the construction industry was criticized due to not adopting changes in their field. There was nothing new in their designs and structures because of not having the modern tools and equipment. Today, after using technology, engineers and builders are giving marvelous results to the clients. 

The design development and designing are changing and becoming better with the passage of time. Now, we have multiple technologies, machines, tools, and equipment that are working amazingly and giving huge benefits to the builders and clients. The application of technology is bringing innovation in the field of construction.

The term of construction technology is a very vast field that consists of modern application, methods, and techniques that are used for developing modern and stylish architectural and architectural design. With the help of technology, design techniques, site survey, project management, structure analysis, and site management are becoming easier. The use of technology is making the construction field safe and the quality is also becoming better than before. We are getting higher results, increased efficiency, reliability, and also saving money. The traditional methods were very risky and cost much and the success rate of those projects was very low.

Technology Used In Construction

·         Self-healing concrete

The self-healing technology is being used for enhancing the lifespan of the architectural and bridges. In the past, this task was performed with hands but now the trends are changing. This technology is helping to save time and money. It can fill the cracks at the right time before creating more damages. It can mix the bacteria in the architectural materials which can activate the healing process.

·         Transparent aluminum

The transparent technology works like the bullet-proof matter which is strong like steel but looks like the glass. This technology is very new in the field of construction and builders can see at both sides of the metal without breaking down it. Transparent technology is created with the help of laser technology.

·         Aerogel insulation

It is also called the frozen smoke because it is semi-transparent which is produced with the help of liquid gel. The gel left the black structure behind which is 90% air. It is weightless and is used for the thin structures. It is best to use for insulation purposes in the construction industry. This technology is very difficult to heat up or cool down but it is more powerful than the fiberglass or foam insulation.

·         Robotic swarm construction

The robotic technology works like the termites because they work together as a swarm. This technology is programmed to work just like swarms work. The robots have four wheels and they can move anywhere they want during the construction of the architectural design. They also have detectors that can sense the presence of other robots.

·         3D printed houses

3d printing houses are going to be very famous in the coming future. They have the ability to create off-site designs and also help in construction projects. The 3d printing walls are made of concrete that take very less space in the houses and architectural but is very strong. The printer looks like the cranes that have small layers made of concrete. 3d houses are the best choice for those people who are willing to avoid natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods, etc.

·         Smart Roads

The smart roads are being used on the roads with the help of IoT technology that is helping to make the driving experience safe. The drivers are able to get information about traffic, roads, parking availability, and many other things that are related to the road. They can get directions for their destination and also get information about the weather conditions. This technology is able to generate energy for vehicles, traffic light, and street lights.

·         Smart bricks

Smart bricks are being used instead of traditional bricks for the construction of the houses and architectural. These bricks are able to merge and work like the Lego. This technology is made with the help of strong concrete. The bricks are very reliable and durable because they can control the thermal energy by reducing the construction cost of the entire project. The design of these bricks is very flexible and they can connect easily by making space for the plumbing and electricity.  

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