Safety Pays for Everyone – Ways to make your workplace safer and secure for employees

As a business owner or an employee, one of the most essential tasks for you is to ensure the safety and security of everyone. It includes ensuring that all employees have an environment, which is friendly, comfortable, and secure.

It also means that there are no physical threats to any of the employee irrespective of their post. Moreover, safety and security in the workplace includes safety of equipment, tools, and information, and most importantly making sure that there is no data breach. For a business, a data breach is worse, because it is one asset that, if lost can make the whole business come crumbling down.

It is important to have security and safety measures for theft, assault, physical injury, data breach, and so on. A company and the employees both have to work together to come up with a plan for the same.

Here are some ways that can help you enhance security in the workplace so that employees feel safer there.

1. The workplace has to be organized and clean

Whether you work a desk job or you work in a factory, the important thing is to keep the place organized and clean. It is very important as it can help you avoid any accidents to an employee or property.

If you keep equipment on their place after using it, you can avoid a lot of mishappenings. It also helps keep the owner keep an eye on inconsistency and see how it can impact your security.

Talking about cleaning and organizing things, it includes all personal items, keeping distractions out of place and keeping things at their respective places.

When you organize your workplace, it not only helps avoid employees, but it also boosts productivity within employees.

2. Take small security measures

As an employee, you cannot work on big security issues like an intruder coming into the building. But you can certainly work on some small issues and take preventive measures against damages and theft like:

  • Not leaving any valuables behind at a place from where anyone can easily take it.
  • All documents, especially with sensitive information, should be locked away in a cabinet.
  • Documents that you want to shred should be kept in a place where no one can get their hands on.
  • If you or any of your team members are staying late, lock the doors and windows for safety.

3. Have enough lights and ventilation

If you light your office properly and have enough natural lighting your employees would feel better and safer. Enough lights even at night time can deter the confidence of any intruder who plans to come in. Moreover, an employee who has to work or leave at night time can benefit from good lighting.

Also, the ventilation system in your office has to be great. It will help protect your machines, and also you will have a healthy environment for your employees.

4. Have a security system and advertise it too

Having the best security system and video surveillance is now important for all businesses whether big or small. That is why you need to install a good security system and hire the best company to do so. Make sure that the guards you hire are up to the task and have the police do a background check on them.

Another point to ensure that your security system works is to promote it. If potential thieves or intruders know about your security measures, they will think twice about walking into your office.

5. If you see any illegal activity, or harassment or find anyone ill, report it

An office should be a place where you feel safe physically and mentally. If you are in a situation where you feel you are being harassed mentally or physically, or find somebody else in such a situation, report it immediately.

You must report such a situation when it is happening, otherwise, the situation can get out of hand.

Also, if you find anyone sick or feel sick yourself, seek medical attention immediately. That is why every office must have a medical bay to keep their employees safe.

6. All entrances must have security and exit routes must be clear

On every exit and entry gate, there should be a guard and a door access kit. Issue ID batches and key cards to your employees and have a digital code system so that a person who is not an employee cannot enter the office. A visitor should only be allowed to enter the office after signing in at the reception.

It helps keep the security team updated about who is walking in and out of the office. Also, the emergency exit and entry doors must have a clear route so that during an emergency, there is no chaos.

7. Install a smart security system

The security system you install in your office must be top-notch and smart. Don’t install a security system that only sets off an alarm in case of a breach-in. The system should be such that even the police is alerted if there is a break-in.

Also, only a few people in the security team should have access to this system, and the password should be changed every few days. We covered the video surveillance office in one of the points. But just to remind you, have CCTV camera installed on every entrance and exit. Moreover, if you can have a camera near hallways and stairways, then do.

8. Train and update employees about security measures

As an owner, you might not always be on the premises. That is why you must train your employees about safety measures. You can create posters having all the safety measures. It will help them keep themselves, office, data, and their colleagues safe. They must be on-board with all the security measures, and involving them in the planning process will motivate them to give more input. Also, it will give them a sense of responsibility, and they will be more vigilant.

9. Conduct drill and seminars on safety

It is not enough to have safety measures installed if the employee does not know about the same.  To ensure that every employee knows about the safety protocols, conduct seminars to let them what is against the rules and what is not. Don’t settle with only sending out emails as most people don’t read them fully.

You can even have a security drill so that people are aware of what to do during an accident or emergency.

10. Be vigilante

It is important to focus on work in an office, but it is equally important to be a vigilante. Thus, keep your eyes and ears open for any accident or mishappening. If you are alert to your surroundings, you can avoid a lot of accidents.

11. Use advanced tools to keep your tech and equipment safe

All workplaces have some kind of equipment and technology that is essential to the business and is costly. If that gets stolen or damaged, it can be quite expensive for the business. Laptops and computers have a lot of important data, and losing them can be disastrous. That is why you need to have advanced tools to keep all the equipment and their data safe.

 For example, no employee can bring a personal storage device to the office. Or you can use security clamps to ensure that things stay where they are supposed to be and so on.

12. Ask a professional for help

You can seek help from a professional security firm to come to assess your security measures. If there is anything wrong with your safety measures, they can guide you and make your office more secure.

Investing in workplace safety and security is important and will pay off for you in the future. Workplace security not only helps the employees do more productive work but also aids the company to grow.

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