Fuel Production, An Overview With Help Of Information Technology

Fuel is an element that contains many gases such as carbon and hydrogen and both of these gases are the burning elements. Fuel can be called a matter that can work by combining together with other elements to release the chemical and nuclear elements to produce heat.

The heat that is produced by the reaction of these energies is then converted into mechanical energy after processing it through the heat engine.

After this process, the fuel can heat up itself and we use it for different purposes such as for cooking, for running our generators, for running our cars, trains, airplanes, and many other things, etc. It is also used for making the electricity that we use for illuminating our houses and offices.

It is used for the generation of cells production of the organisms that process is called cellular respiration. There are basically three different types of fuel which are liquid fuel, solid fuel, and Gaseous Fuel.

The Process Of Fuel Production

There are different processes are involved in the fuel production and all of these steps are necessary.

·         Search and expansion

The journey starts by searching for fuel in different areas of the world because most of the countries have excessive oil resources that can fulfill the needs of the entire world.

Many resources are still not invented but the countries that have oil resources are known as the richest countries. After finding out the oil, the rigs are used for drilling out the oil from the earth.

After drilling out the oil from the earth, it is transferred to oil refineries via pipelines and sometimes railways for further processing.

·         Processing of oil into fuel

The crude oil is processed into gasoline oil, diesel, and other petroleum goods as feedstocks that are used for making the plastic that is used in the vehicle parts and TVs. The Ethanol oil is processed into gasoline and it is done just to increase the octane level of the oil for making it safe for the environment.

Octane level is used to reduce the smog levels and also provide protection by fulfilling the EPA requirements. The gasoline that has 10% ethanol is permitted to use for the automobiles. The ExxonMobil oil is first tested to check if it is safe to use for the vehicle engines and if it is according to the industry requirements.

·         Creation of ExxonMobil oil and Getting the fuel for vehicles

The gasoline and other fuels are shifted to pipelines and terminals and during the processing, through terminals, the ExxonMobil is added with detergents to create unique and high-quality blends.

After the fuels are blended into other fuels then they are ready to use for the vehicles. Trucks mostly use gasoline fuel because they have different components. All types of gases are placed in different pipes so when you choose a type of fuel, the pipes will transfer it in your car.

Use Of Technology In Fuel Production

·         Train technology

This type of technology is used for producing fuel for the scooters, motorbikes, cars, and other small vehicles. The training technology is the most flexible technology and it can work at different ranges such as fuel stations in the form of fuel, gas, LPG, and ethanol. It is known as the most valuable and effective technology for getting fuel.

·         Microturbines

In this technology, the fuel is created by using internal combustion. It is similar to the electricity gas turbine that produces electricity for the big cities. It is one of the simplest methods for the production of fuel. It has a few parts that provide competition between all other technologies. It can produce more than 26% fuel with great efficiency.

·         Fuel cells

Fuel cells technology is very common because we use it with the electric battery. The fuel is produced using the electrochemical process because it is not like the other methods that create the electricity first and then produce heat.

The efficiency of the technology for producing fuel is 36% which is very high then the other technologies. It is also very safe for the environment than the types of technologies.

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