Produce Required Fuel With The Help Of New Technology And Machines

Fuel is a solid form that can be prepared with the help of other elements. These elements produce heat and are used for getting the energy. Fuel works with those elements that are able to release chemical energies such as nuclear energy. 

There are mainly three types of fuel that are solid fuel, liquid fuel, and gaseous fuel. Today, technology is being used for the production of all these types of fuel and they have further many types. Each type requires a specific procedure, tools, and machines for getting the specific type of fuel. Solid fuels consist of wood, peat, coal, and many other solid items.

In liquid fuel, liquid fuel is produced with the help of petrol. The end results that we get are diesel, gasoline, and LPG. Gaseous fuel is produced with the help of natural gas and then we get hydrogen, CNG, and coke gas.

Technology and machines that are used for the production of fuel

For getting all types of fuel, the first step is the exploration. For this process, 3D and 4d imaging technology are used that gets the high dimension pictures of the fuel which is in the ground. CO2-Sand Fracturing technology is used for making the cracks in the ground for bringing out the oil and gas from the ground. Coiled Tubing is used to join the drills that bring the oil and gas out of the ground. The gas and oil are sent to the refineries where they heat them up at a specific temperature and after chilling them out; we get different types of fuels.  

Types of fuel and use of technology in its production

·         Ethanol

We also call this flammable liquid which is made by the sugarcane of different plants. Most of the time, it is also made with the help of corn. In many countries, sugarcane is abundant, so they use them for getting the ethanol. Ethanol is produced with the help of dry milling technology or wet milling technology.

·         Methanol

This type of fuel is produced with the help of synthesis gas that we get from the steam of hydrocarbons. This fuel is produced with the help of different types of technologies such as pre-reforming reactor technology, auto-thermal reactor technology, and isothermal Methanol converter synthesis technology. This fuel is used for the racecars and it is best for the speed because it has higher octane instead of a gas that is safe for the cars to protect them from the car crashes.

·         Gasoline

This fuel is made with the help of crude oil that goes in different processes and then we get the gasoline. We get this gas from the ground which is extracted and shipped to the oil refineries. They process this gas at above 350°C temperatures. After that, it is chilled out and then takes the form of gasoline.

·         Diesel

It is the same as the gasoline because it also goes under the refinery process. 12 gallons of diesel is made of 42 gallons of crude oil. The crude oil is heated first at the temperature of more than 350°C. After heating, it is chilled out and then takes the form of diesel. It is used for the trucks and trailers because it gives the high-speed performance to the heavy trucks and trailers.

·         Natural gas

Natural gas is found in the earth and many countries have abundant sources of natural gas. The firms drill out the gas from the earth and send to the refineries for further processing. Natural gas can take many forms in which CNG gas is famous. CNG gas is used for the heavy vehicles but natural gas is used in the houses for cooking or for heating purposes.

·         Hydrogen and Biodiesel

Hydrogen gas is pumped from the fuel cell in the form of gas that is able to burn. This gas is made of oxygen that can produce water and heat at the same time. Hydrogen is not found mostly in its pure form because it is mixed with other mixtures to produce other types of fuels. Biodiesel is a vegetable oil that is produced with the help of methanol and lye. This oil gives more energy and cooks the food easily. It can be used for the vehicles even in the winters. 

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