Technology Used in LG Refrigerators: Make it the Best Company in Market

In India, you can come across many refrigerator models from leading brands such as Samsung, Godrej, Whirlpool, Haier, and more. LG is one of the most sought-after refrigerator manufacturers in India know to deliver amazing specs at lower prices.

LG refrigerators come in different sizes that may suit the needs of small to medium to large families.

The quality and performance of LG refrigerators are hard to match in the market, and that’s what most of the LG fridge reviews vouch at online platforms.  

If you are looking to bring home a fridge this summer season, and want to know some reasons to rely on an LG refrigerator, then here is a post to know more!

LG refrigerator technologies – relevant reasons to go for them

  1. Turning freezer into the fridge with LG dual fridge

LG has recently taken cues from its arch-rivals in the market and come out with a new series of fridges with dual fridge technology. It is a technology that lets the customer convert the freezer into a normal refrigerator. The converter technology from LG is one of the fastest if you consider the conversion time, which is less than 70 minutes. You can just press a button, and it will increase the refrigeration capacity by up to 1.4 times if you are not willing to use a freezer.

  • InstaView Door-in-Door with auto open feature

The premium range of side-by-side LG refrigerators come with InstaView Door-in-Door technology. When you give two quick knocks on the mirrored glass panel, the fridge illuminates for 10 seconds. As a result, a user can see the inside of the easy access compartment. It can let you know if it is the time to buy any specific food items or drink.

What’s more, the Auto open door is another feature, once enabled can open the fridge door gently. It happens when a user steps into the door opening light sensor zone. The feature is good for old age or ill elders who may find it difficult to handle bulky refrigerators.

  • Inverter linear compressor technology

The new range of best LG fridge now comes with advanced and energy efficient Inverter Linear Compressor technology. It helps a user to save up to 32% power by adjusting cooling power as per the number of foods and other items in the fridge. The compressor runs with a temperature range of +0.5 degrees, which is almost half the temperature variation when pitted against a standard compressor. The compressor is also able to reduce the noise level of the fridge by up to 25%.

  • Smart solar and stabilizer-free operation

The new models of LG direct cool single door fridges come with the smart solar feature. The models are equipped with a solar panel generating direct current (DC) voltage when the direct sunlight gets on to the panel. The solar charge controller changes the intermittent DC voltage to fixed ones. But, the fridges work on AC and not DC.

Another vital aspect of buying the new breed of LG refrigerators is availing of their stabilizer-free operation. The fridges now work without a stabilizer. It also means that you don’t need to invest in buying a heavy-duty stabilizer anymore. If there is an excess voltage fluctuation, then the power supply is switched off. As a result, it prevents your LG refrigerators from any harm.

  • Moist balance crisper

Crisper is now the most vital feature of any fridge to help to store vegetables and fruits in them. You can make the most of the special lattice-type crisper in the new range of LG appliances. It has the power to regulate moisture leading to fresh food for a longer time. The crisper can also condense extra humidity and evaporates moisture. As a result, you can cook fresh and crisp veggies and eat fresh fruits without getting them spoiled.

  • Bright and efficient LED lighting

Modern LG fridges come with bright and energy-efficient LED lighting inside them. The LED lights are slimmer and softer, which also helps in conserving power. The flagship model of LG, LG Signature, is laced with premium Lumishelf LED lighting. It is placed under each shelf to help a user get a clearer view of the interior even when it’s fully stuffed.

The best part of these LED lighting is that they consume up to 77% lesser power units compared to ordinary bulbs.

They are also up to 26 times more durable than traditional lamps available in older versions of refrigerators from other leading brands.

LG, without an iota of doubt, is one of the most reliable brands in India to buy a durable refrigerator at a lower cost. Now that you are aware of some of the reasons that make them amazing, you can opt for one as per your needs and budget.

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