Benjamin Franklin Who invented electricity – Who Discovered Electricity

Suppose one day you wake up and found yourself in a cage in the time period of dark ages then you should be thankful to Benjamin Franklin. Now imagine how will you feel there without electricity and other things which make your life smooth and easy.

Definitely, things will go different and difficult, life will be very tough and rough because you know the benefits and advantages of electricity and the very common question who invented electricity or Who Discovered Electricity, people give this credit to Benjamin Franklin.

Electricity gives life to many items in your life which makes your life easy and worth living. We are enjoying a smooth and luxurious life by having air conditioners, laundry machines, automobiles, mobile phones and many other machines of daily life use.

All these are operating just because of electricity. Do you ever think, who invented electricity, which makes your life smooth and easy? If yes then let’s find out how electricity is invented and by whom. The most prominent name in the quest of Who invented electricity is Benjamin Franklina very well renowned scientist of his time. 

Historical flashlights of the invention of electricity

  1. Ancient Cultures and electricity
  2. Work of English Physicists; literature about electricity 
  3. Experiments of Benjamin Franklin; who invented electricity or Who Discovered Electricity
  4. Discovery of the light bulb; the next step to introduce the electricity 

1. Ancient Cultures and electricity

A matter of fact is that electricity is a force that is present in our universe from the very first day of existence. So, electricity was not invented but was discovered.  People witnessed it in the form of shocks of electric fish before the discovery of electricity.

Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greek were well known by the effects and presence of the jolt of electric fish. They knew that the electric wave of electric fish can travel from conducting objects.

They also used these electric jolts for the treatment of patients. Ancient cultures know that electric static can be generated by rubbing objects with cats’ fur, which led to the scientific study of magnetism and electricity. 

2. Work of English Physicists; literature about electricity 

In the area of 1600 AD, an English Physicist William Gilbert observed the practices of objects rubbing and the creation of static electricity. He then studied magnetism and electricity and wrote a book in which he used the term “electrics” for electricity. Later on, another physicist named Thomas Browne prolonged his work and investigate about electricity.

3. Experiments of Benjamin Franklin; who invented electricity or Who Discovered Electricity.

Benjamin Franklin was a passionate and genius scientist of his time. He was keenly interested in the study of electricity. He was the person who formally conducted an experiment to prove that electricity exists and travels through some specific conducting objects.

He experimented on the lightening of thunderstorms with a flying kite. He flew a kite, an iron rod attached with that kite in a thunderstorm. When kite touches the light, it passed through the iron rod and shocked the Franklin. He was not affected by that shock luckily.

So, this experiment led to the foundation that Benjamin Franklin was the person who invented electricity. After this experiment, Franklin gave a theory that electricity moves through the elements with the help of a negative and positive charge, which represented the concept of flowing electricity. 

4. Discovery of the light bulb; the next step to introduce the electricity 

Experimentation on electricity carried on then in 1879 a scientist named Thomas Edison focused on the use of electricity and invented a very useful machine called “the light bulb”. The invention of the light bulb motivate others and gave a direction to others and then many other useful lifehold machines were invented. 


The answer to the question of who invented electricity cannot be answered in a single word. Electricity is always present in the objects of nature from the very first day although its use and understanding vary from culture to culture and time to time.

The discovery of electricity had started with animal actions and object relations and advanced with proper scientific experimentation. There is a huge history of the invention of electronic objects, machines, other objects through which we can flow the electricity and use it for the benefit of easy and smooth life.

Today’s updated and modern life gadgets are the blessings of electricity that can make our modern life more luxurious so that we can’t imagine our lives without them.  

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