How to Format External Hard Drive for PS4

Formatting an external hard drive is not a difficult task – we show you how. This is the best option for you to extend your storage in the form of an external hard drive as you can easily attach it or remove it according to your need. When your Ps4 storage becomes full and you can’t store any other games for ps4, then you need to attach the external hard drives to your Ps4 for new and exciting games.

If you have a simple external hard drive the formatting process is simple, but if you want to format an SSD hard drive then the process couldn’t be much simpler as the Ps4 uses its own encrypted files.

If you have external storage up to 250 GB and 1TB you should use a USB 3.0 capacity to transfer data easily and faster otherwise it doesn’t work and you face complexity. The ps4 after taking its space in the external hard drive, make it free it free for you to use for other purposes. You can easily format the external hard drive for Ps by connecting it with a computer or a laptop. The main thing you have to notice is that your hard drive is completely formatted.

Formatting Ps4 external hard drive

To format the external drive for Pss4 you need a computer or laptop with window 10 supported and then attach your hard drive with it. There are some step-by-step instructions for you to learn the technique of formatting an external hard drive using Windows 10 formal features on your computer or laptop.

Connect the Ps4 hard drive to your PC

The first step is to connect the hard drive with the PC. If your external hard drive is working properly and don’t have any defect, your computer or laptop will automatically detect it and the drive is shown on your pc next to your internal drives.

Right-click on the external hard drive and click Format:

After connecting the hard drive with a PC or laptop. When you able to see the hard drive next to your internal drives then make a right click on a hard drive and click the format option to start formatting your hard drive.

Pick the appropriate file system:

To pick up the appropriate file system is essential for formatting the hard drive for Ps4 because the computer selected by default an NTFS for you because that the native Microsoft filling system, but if you want the hard drive to work on the Ps4 platform you should choose either  FAT32 or exFAT otherwise the Ps4 doesn’t recognize it.

Check the Quick Format box, and click Start:

It will be dependent on the size of drive you want to use for the Ps4, if your data is of larger size then it might take several minutes to complete formatting.

Click OK when the Format Complete pop-up screen appears:

After the completion of the formatting process of your external hard drive, you just need to press the ok button to finish the process.

When you complete your hard formatting process, make sure to check that the hard drive is completely empty and then check it by attaching it with the Ps4. When you can up the data and free up space you will be able to store more interesting games on ps4 on your hard drive.


There are a lot of hard drives with maximum storage up to 1Tb that will be helpful for you to store more data instead of formatting drive every time to store new data. You can also use external hard drives to store other data than Ps4. Ps4 data mainly cover the space that is used during gameplay otherwise your other data will not get harmed during Ps4 games. The external hard drives basically used to extend the storage for a better experience.