History of Cell Phones | The First Phone To Present Time

We all see how much mobile phone is important for us these days. There was a time when these phones are not invented and that generation had no idea that in future, there will be such a great technology for communication and for connecting with the entire world in a chain.

The mobile phones were very simple and were made for communication purposes but today, the technology is bringing revolution in these devices. Now, they are not just used for communication but we are using the mobiles for many other purposes such as for sending texts, pictures, emails, for listening to music, audio, video, and many other things. 

History of cell phones

The history goes back in the early days of 1908 when the first phone was made by an American citizen and it was wireless. Telephones were available before the invention of the mobiles but they were connected with the wires. After the first development of the mobile phone, in 1940 the engineers started making AT&T phones for specific phone stations.

These phones were not the actual mobile phones but we can say that it was the first step towards the development of the mobiles. Those phones were two ways radios that allowed the people to communicate in the cases of emergencies.


Instead of just relying on that phone, the engineers made another phone by using the technology. Those phones were able to work wirelessly by covering a huge area. In 1926, the first mobile phone service was provided from Berlin to Hamburg.

In 1946, the first phone call was made in Chicago and the service signals were very good. In April 1973, the first phone by Motorola was made and it was the first phone that was handheld. These phones had very less space and were just for communication and for calculating things. These phones were used for sales by the salesmen or businessmen.

There was no concept of using the mobiles for personal use because people were not aware of the technology yet. Those mobile phones were smaller, heavyweight, and had very less features with a lot of faults. The phones that were developed by Nokia and Motorola companies had long battery life that allowed the users to talk more.

Due to this reason, these companies were very popular. After the technology revolution, mobile phone companies assumed that their customers are in need of many other features that will help them to gain benefits from this amazing technology device.

The shift in mobile technology

The earliest phones were used for talking only and then the feature of voicemail was added for enhancing the communication. In this transition, the developers figured out that there are many things and features that can be added in the phones. They added email access, fax machine access, and address book access in the phones.

These days, we are using the mobiles not only for communication but for sending multimedia pictures and videos. First, the phones were called mobile phones but now, we call them devices. We are using the phones for many things such as for internet browsing, sending and receiving emails, capturing the pictures, and for updating the social media accounts on a daily basis.

In the past, the mobiles had big keypads but the screens were smaller. Today, the mobiles only have the screens and they work with the touch of our fingers. The features are improving day by day and the screen resolution and security is improving. We can navigate our phones and the features of changing the fonts and lighting are also available. 

We have different types of apps that help us to play games or buy and sell things easily. All of these features were not available in the past phones but now, with the help of growing technology and user demand, the features are getting better.

Future of mobile phones

Mobile phones have changed and are changing rapidly. Each passing day is bringing new features in the mobile phones. The merging of technology with mobile phones is going to bring an era where phones will be more advanced. The software will be moved to Cloud technology and the phones will be used for giving input and for getting output easily.

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