How Technology And Mobile Relate To Each Other?

When we think about the technology, the first thought that comes in our mind is the processors, apps, and other gadgets. It can be a fun thought but have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about the impacts of technology on our lives. Technology has a great impact on our lives but the impact that mobile phones have on our lives are totally different from the other technologies. Today, our generation is addicted to mobiles phones. No doubt, mobile phones are very useful and provide the best and fastest way of communication. The kids that were born in 1995 have seen a different era where technology was present but people were not crazy about technology gadgets. Very few people had mobile phones and they were considered to be very modern and rich but at the same time, they were not addicted to the mobiles.

Mobile technology and it’s past

Mobile technology is a medium of technology that is used for communication and for many other features. The mobile phones are connected to different transmitters that have the ability to send and receive the calls and messages on a single channel at the same time. The mobile technology is improving day by day because now, mobiles are not just used for sending messages and calls. Now, we can use the mobiles for GPS navigation, internet surfing, for playing games, using social media platforms, and for many other things. The mobile technology that is in the form of laptops and portable phones are becoming radically popular these days.

Technology Replaces Everything

The common use of mobiles phones was started in 2008 and then we never looked back. Today, the new generation opens their eyes by looking at their phones and they close their eyes by looking at their phones. They are totally addicted to their phones because they have everything of their need in their phones such as camera, internet, books, social interaction means and many other things that can help them to be a part of this technology world. There are many other technologies present but the success mobile phones have got cannot be measured. Mobile phones are considered to be the most successful technology ever since they were introduced.

Uses of mobile technology

  • Mobile technology is giving the voice to those who are away from their loved ones and connecting them like they are together.
  • We can send important news and information to everyone in just a few seconds and we can share the grief of those who are facing the hard times by reminding them that they are not alone.
  • We can find the timings of airlines, trains, and buses when they will come to the bus stop and where is the bus stop.
  • We can perfectly find the locations to reach a destination for the first time that we have never visited ever in our life.
  • We can explore different places and can find new things to do using our mobiles.
  • We can read the free articles and free e-books effortlessly without paying a single penny for buying the books.
  • We can find the information from the ancient times when we were not present in this world and now; it is easy to know about our ancestors.
  • Our mobile gadget is giving us the information that is our need and provides it to us when we need it the most.
  • We can find like-minded people and can interact with them without any discomfort.

Drawbacks of Mobile Technology

More than 4 billion people use the mobile phones, In the past, only male, rich, and job persons had the mobile phones but today, everyone has a phone and it does not matter if it is their need or not. Mobile phones are also dangerous because the apps we use, access our information which can be threatening for us. Using the internet on mobiles can be a cause of viruses. Sometimes, connecting with a lot of people can be very stressful. People are comparing their lives to others and becoming depressed. Mobiles phones are becoming an addiction and people are not able to pay attention to their necessary tasks because they feel distracted and lost.

No doubt, mobile technology has raised the levels of our lives to the greatest extent and now, they are our basic need.

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