How To Change Outlook Password

Remembering a password might be challenging!!

But forgetting a password causes denied access to your important files that might be frustrating. It can spell disaster for your ongoing projects. You should update your password with time because remembering old passwords is quite difficult.

It’s better to change the password once a month. In this article, you’ll come to know “ How to change outlook password”?

Let’s begin

As you know, an outlook account is significant for emails. If you are using Microsoft outlook for online services to save your business details e.g email, calendar for meeting updates, clients contact list, etc – whether you’re using it on your Pc/laptop or smartphone – your password is the most crucial.

To make your Outlook account secure from hackers, change your outlook password frequently. This is the best way to keep your account safe and it will help you to remember the password of your outlook account. We’ve come up with the solution of how to change the outlook passwords.

How To Change Outlook Password

How To Change Outlook Password

So, here is the step-by-step guide on how you can change your outlook password.

  1. Open Outlook on your browser
  2. Sign in to your account 
  3. Click on the profile picture or initials icon on the top right corner 
  4. Now click on your account this will take you to a new page with multiple settings
  5. Click on the security. The new setting page will open with multiple security settings options.
  6. Now, click on password security, the authorization page will appear from where you can select between text verification or phone verification sent to your registered mobile number
  7. Once you answered the verification call or submitted the 6 digit code the page will appear where you can change the password.
  8. Lastly, click on the Save button

How to Reset Your Outlook Password

  1. Open Outlook on your browser 
  2. On the sign-in page enter your registered mail and click on the forgot password
  3. A verification page will appear where you’ll be asked to verify your identity by getting the code on your registered number or registered mobile address
  4. Answered the code and entered your current password
  5. Click on the Save button this will change your password once for all.

How to Change Password in Outlook 365

Follow this procedure if you’re using Microsoft 365 with monthly updates:

  1. Open your Outlook web browser
  2. Choose File -> Info 
  3. Click on account setting pop up menu will appear 
  4. Select Manage profiles
  5. Click on Email accounts the new dialog box will appear 
  6. Click on the Email tab & then select the Change button
  7. In the Change Account window, go to the Login Information section enter your password and click Next
  8. Wait for the tasks to be completed. Once the task is checked in green, exit the window by clicking on the close button

By following the same method mentioned above you can change your outlook password on iPhone, mac, android, iPad, and laptop.