How to Access and Clear Wifi Router History Manually

Wifi is one of the most demanding things in this digital world. When you are browsing or surfing through the internet, you get irritated if your wifi is working very slowly. So, what is the reason behind it? It may be due to a lot of browsing history that is not properly deleted and makes your PC slower.  Then, it is important to learn how to clear wifi router history. There are various techniques to do it, but before that, there is something that should be done. If you’re a gamer, you’ll know how frustrating it is when your favorite server is hosted on a wifi connection. So you should check site for more about the Gaming related information.

How to access wifi router history:

Before knowing how to clear wifi router history, it is important to know how to access wifi history. 

Step 1: Find AP address: First of all, obtain the IP address of your PC. Press Windows key +R on the keyboard to open the command window.

How to check wifi router history

Step 2: Type cmd: In the command window, type cmd and press enter.

how to access wifi router history

Step 3:  Type ipconfig/all in the new window that is open and press enter.

Step 4: Moving down to locate the Default gateway and note down the IP address of your computer.

access router history

Step 5: Copy the IP address and paste it to the browsers.

delete router history

Step 6: Now you have to enter a wifi router password, if you forget, go to your router manufacturer website and find the password of your router

access router history

Step 7: When you get access to the Wifi router website, click on the outgoing logging table and observe the activity of the devices connected to your wifi router.

delete router history

Setting before cleaning wifi router history.

Before clearing wifi router history does the following few things.

  • Check the working of wifi

Before deleting the wifi router history, first of all, log in to the router through Then, check whether wifi is working properly and you have a trusted certificate for it. If not, then move to the next step and remove the wifi router history.

  • Remove Password

The first step to clearing wifi router history is to remove the password of your computer or internet. Also, remove the wifi router password if there is any.

  • Saved important data

After removing the password, check if there is an important file that may be deleted during this process. Save all the important files before clearing the wifi router history.


There are two methods to delete wifi router history.

  • Internet
  • Manual

1. Internet

You can remove the history of the router by using internet cleaners such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

  • STEP 1: Scanning of PC

First of all, internet cleaners scan your Pc and find all the unnecessary or hidden files on your computer wifi history. You can delete files manually but it is recommended to do it by internet cleaner. Because many hidden files can not be detected manually.

  •  Step 2: Removing files from the router history

After scanning and obtaining all the files in the history, the next step is to remove all the files. Through this process, all the files, browsing history, email addresses, Facebook, Twitter, or any other materials that you search through the internet are removed.


Most people are unfamiliar with the fact that the wifi router saves the record of your log. It can also see the browsing that you do use VPN in private mode. You must delete the history of your wifi router to keep privacy. Here is a manual guide about deleting the history from a wifi router.

  • Step 1: Obtain a router IP address:

 An IP address is commonly eight numbers in the format, required to access router settings. You can find the IP address by following the steps described above.

  • Step 2: Open router setting:

You can open the router setting by entering the IP address in your browser. Router login name is commonly the admin. If you forget your password you can obtain it from their website or through the router guide. The default user name of the wifi router is “admin” and the password is “1234”

  • Step 3: Visit system log:

After opening the router setting, move right or left to the navigation bar, and find Administrative event logs, in the router’s dashboard. When the system log page is open, view the IP address of your connected devices and visit the website’s domain address.

  • Step 4: Clear system log:

Finally, click on the button at the bottom of the page and clear the system’s logs. A prompt appears to ask you to delete the system log, press yes. You can save the copy of the system log by copy and paste the list into your computer for future usage. As the IP address of different domains is different from each other, you can delete the specific system log and keep the other. 

  • Step 5: Clear browsing history:

In the end, don’t forget to clear your browsing history. Your cleaning of the wifi router history is effective only if you delete the browsing history. Go to the browser setting and delete the history of the browser.

An alternative method to delete WIFI router history:

 You can also clear the history of your wi-fi router by clearing the cache. Caches stores the instruction of the router. You can hard reset the router to delete the cache.

  • Find the router reset button, mostly lie on the backside of the router and take any small object. Place the object on the reset button and press it for a while.
  • Keep pressing the object until the router’s light fades up. It rests in the router cache.

 Your wifi routers keep the records of your log. To work your computer efficiently and to keep privacy, you have to clear your wifi router history regularly. You can delete it with help of an internet cleaner, manually, or by deleting the caches. In each case, you should know how to do it. Don’t forget to save the important system logs before deleting the wifi history.