How to Use Spotify Premium APK

Before anything else, if you came to this note but you don’t have a Spotify account yet or don’t know how to download the application.

If you are one of the fans who were waiting for this incredible streaming music service to arrive in Mexico, you are from our team. Now, don’t just “play ” your favorite artists and songs, get the most out of it and handle Spotify like an expert.

 First of all, you should know everything you can do with Spotify:

  • Playlists available online and offline.
  • Start a radio station by genre or artist.
  • Download special applications.
  • Import the songs you have in iTunes (or on your computer).
  • Log in with Facebook and share your music.

But as they say, let’s start at the beginning:

How to make playlists?

The playlists you do with Spotify Premium APK can be available both online and offline, what do you mean? That (if you have the Premium version, which costs $ 100 pesos per month) you can listen to your songs without needing a data connection or Wi-Fi. Something like if you had them stored in your gadget, but no. This is ideal for when you travel, are in an area of ​​poor coverage or simply do not want to spend your plan data.

To make a playlist you have to follow these steps:

  • On the left side of the application, click on + New list
  • Name your list. You can do one for your parties, to exercise or to do nothing.
  • In the search engine in the upper left corner, type the song or artist you want to listen to.

For the mobile application, you just have to touch the Information icon, touch  Add to and select the list you want.

To make a list available in offline mode you need to buy a subscription of $ 100 pesos per month. Since you have your Premium account, go to the list that you want to move the switch on where it says Available in mode Offline.

How to start a radio station?

To Start a Radio Station based on an artist, song or list, you have to:

Go to the artist, song (by right-clicking) or playlist and click on the Start Radio option.

This function makes Spotify work more or less like Pandora (a music service that relies on artists similar to what you want to hear). Play songs based on the artist or song you selected and others that have the same style. This mode is very useful when you want to discover new music but you can’t think of who to listen to.

In order for the radio station to play more songs from the edge you want – or in a more similar style – just touch I like it or I don’t like it, and an “Improving station” message will automatically appear. These songs that you select will appear in a playlist called “Radio favorites”, although you can also highlight them with a star and save them in Spotify.

How to download an application?

This application allows you to download other applications. Although it sounds a bit confusing, Spotify allows you to search and install apps, obviously related to music. To do it:

  • Locate the Applications section on the left sidebar.
  • Click on the “App search “option.
  • Explore featured, new or popular apps. If you click on any of them, it takes you to a window where they explain what each one does.

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