Plastic Recycling Process – Plastic Recycling Machine

The process of plastic recycling is getting famous with the passage of time. The plastic industry is reusing several tons of wasted plastic and earning the profit. In the past, the wasted plastic was useless but now, we have the technology for recycling it.

It is safe for the entire environment to recycle the plastic and it is being used for different purposes. Technology is helping to re-produce plastic with cost-effective and cheap methods that are also beneficial for the economy. 

The recycling process of plastic works with the commercial industry and they separate the plastic materials. The recycling process consists of four different phases and each phase is totally different from the other.

History of Plastic Recycling Process

In the past, the recycling industry was only focused on manufacturing the plastic leftovers and scraps that we get from the plastic initials. Today, the plastic industry is focusing on the recycling services that are capable to produce things from the leftovers of the plastic that are not useful anymore.

The quality of this plastic is also better than before and customers like it. The plastic recycling process is changing rapidly and the industry is finding out many new tools and plastic recycling machine for the recycling process.

There are different stages available for the recycling process such as first they collect the un-usable plastic, and then sort it, cleaning process, melting process, size determination process, separation of plastic and metals process, and then they again form the plastic like the original form.

All these stages become successful with the help of tools, equipment, and plastic recycling machine that reduce the workload and give quicker results.  The machines are helping to achieve progress faster and give good-quality end results as well.

Machines and equipment for the plastic recycling process

These are the machines and other equipment that is being used in plastic recycling process

Sorting equipment

The sorting equipment sorts out the plastic materials according to the resin type. The resin type is one of the most important factors for plastic grouping. This process determines which materials are useful and which are not and then separate them.

All the materials are separated with great care and then they find out the resin purity. The sorting plastic recycling machine can identify the poor materials of plastic faster. These are the types of sporting equipment and all of the work differently.

·         Sensors are used for detecting the specific types of plastic that can be mixed with other plastic materials. They can work by collaborating with the X-rays machines that can register the unique types of plastic with all of its features.

·         Some types of sensors can detect the color of the plastic that can sort the plastic according to their transparency.

·         Ejectors are used for grouping the plastic materials according to their resin types and they have the ability to handle many inputs. 

·         Computing systems also identify and sort out the plastic materials by controlling the inputs that are given by the ejectors and sensors.

·         User interfaces are used for identifying suitable interfaces where the technicians can work comfortably.

Size reduction plastic recycling machine

There are many different types of size reduction plastic recycling machine for the plastic recycling process.

·         The multi-shaft machine is used to cut the plastic like the scissor and handle the dirty plastic material. In this way, the useless plastic is cut off and usable plastic is sent for further processing.

·         The single-shaft machine works like the tearing machine that has slow motors. It can also cut off the useless plastic or replace the plastic blades.

·         Granulators are used for cutting the blades faster because of the grids. The grids must be replaced on a daily basis for better operations.

Washing, Separation, and pelletizing equipment

·         After these processes, the washing equipment is used for washing out the plastic to remove the dirt grease, glue, and many other things that can become a hurdle during the recycling process.

·         The separating equipment is used for removing the attachments or any other plastic material by using the cutting, drying or wet method.·         In the end, the Pelletizing process is done in which the plastic is recycled in different forms.

The pellet machines are used for sorting out all the plastic blades that we get from the previous processes.

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