Plastic Recycling Processes, Stages, And Benefits Through Technology

We see that thousands of tons of waste left unused after one usage and the entire plastic ends up going into the landfill. Now, with the help of technology, we can use that waste through the recycling process for reusing plastic products for different purposes.

The plastic recycling process is getting famous day by day and the recycled plastic is being used for food packaging, drink packaging, and cosmetic packaging, etc.

The light and cheap plastic are difficult to recycle and it is also not safe for the environment. In this type of plastic, plastic is very less instead of metal that makes it difficult to recycle than plastic.

The new technology for plastic recycling is being introduced and commercial plants are added in the market.  This technology is successfully working and giving amazing results.

Importance of technology for plastic recycling

The companies that are using the new technology they have estimated that more than 160K tons of plastic are recycled for the product packaging.  In this way, thousands of tons of plastic can be saved from being wasted.

The technology of plastic aluminum is very effective and gives high energy-intensive results. The plastic recycling technologies are divided into phases which are known as the primary phase, secondary phase, and tertiary phase. In the primary and secondary phases, the physical methods are used for recycling.

In the third method, the chemical method is used for plastic recycling. Most of the time, the fourth method which is called the Quaternary phase is used by burning the plastic waste that cannot be developed again. This phase is mostly used in third world countries and under-development countries.

·         Primary recycling

This phase is for physical recycling in which the waste is processed into a product with the same features that are present in the original product. This phase is also known as remodeling. The plastic that has many layers and mixed plastic cannot be used for the recycling process. Segregated plastic is best for the recycling process.

·         Secondary phase

It is also used for physical plastic recycling and it is best for segregated plastic processing. This process is the same as the primary phase because it can give the shape or form like the original plastic product. The multi-layered plastic recycling is not possible in the first two phases.

·         Tertiary phase

In this phase, the chemical plastic is recycled because this stage is involved in the production of basic fuels and chemicals that we get from the wasted plastic. This method is best for all types of plastic recycling including the many-layered plastic that is not available in the first two phases.

More than 80% of waste plastic is not able to be recycled because of the first two phases of recycling. The best method of recycling is the third phase because it gives recycling for all types of plastic. The plastic energy can be reused without burning the plastic further.

·         Quaternary recycling

The fourth method recycles the plastic by burning it but the main problem in this phase is that high-level pollution is included due to chemicals. This process is not suitable for underdeveloped countries because they have more pollution than the developed countries but still, they use this process. This phase is not allowed to use by the governments in multiple underdeveloped countries.

Types of plastic that can be recycled

There are many categories of plastic that can be reprocessed.

·         Polystyrene plastic can be recycled into coffee cups, plastic containers, yogurt containers, etc.

·         Polypropylene plastic can be recycled in the form of lunch boxes, food containers, and ice cream containers, etc.

·         Low-density polyethylene plastic is recycled into plastic garbage bins and boxes.

·         Plasticized Polyvinyl chloride or polyvinyl chloride plastic is converted into juice boxes and squeeze bottles etc.

·         High-density polyethylene is converted into plastic bottles of shampoo and plastic milk bottles etc.

·         Polyethylene terephthalate is converted into fruit juice plastic bottles and soft drink bottles etc.

The first three types of plastic are recycled mostly but the other three are not mostly recycled because they get stuck into the equipment while they are being recycled. Due to getting stuck in the equipment, it can break or block. The plastic bottles and lids cannot be recycled because they don’t have good quality.

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