Tig Welding Tips For Beginners

Do you want to become a Tig welder? Although you need to go to some technical institute to learn the skill, In this article today, we will discuss tips and tactics. Tig welding provides quality and compact welding as compared to the other weldings. It provides a compact, thin weld seam, and a clean process—many opportunities associated with tig welding. As we discussed earlier, there are many techniques and we will discuss them in this article. By using such tricks and tips, you will be able to give the best results. So, let’s get to start the article without further delay.Tig Welding Tips

1. Use Minimum power:

You should use minimum power while using tig welding tool because more force may cause the weld to burn. Always try to use minimum strength for suitable welding. In order to get reliable and robust welding, you can use the padding technique. TIG welding is based on penetration. Your strength level is essential as the techniques.

2. Clean Metal:

You should try to use clean metal for tig welding; otherwise, they will hinder welding. Keep in mind that always use dedicated metal for aluminum and stainless steel. You should spend a few minutes on the cleaning of metals. Cleaning the metal will remove contaminants from the metal.

3. Select correct tungsten:

Before starting the welding, you should select the tungsten according to the need. For example, for aluminum, you should use green tungsten. For steel, you should use red tungsten. There is various tungsten; you will get to know when you do more practice because practice makes a man perfect.

4. The thickness of tungsten:

The thickness of the Tungsten matters a lot. If the tungsten is too small, then there may be a risk of overheating or may cause damage. If the tungsten is large in size, then you need to give more heat in the beginning.

5. Regrind the tip:

Sometimes, tungsten develops a ball over time. All you need to keep check and balance that tip touches the weld puddle or not. If the balling is on the top, you need to regrind the tip because balling may cause accidents.

6. Be consistent in the welding and electrode grinding process:

We all know that practice makes a man perfect. So, to get better results, you must be consistent with your work. You should always keep some extra rods with yourself so you can practice them daily. For the grinding process, you need to use large metal. You must have ventilation in the shop to pass the air. So, it would help if you kept practicing on the welding and grinding process.

7. Wear Safety types of equipment during grinding:

During grinding, when you create a tip, you should wear a respirator for the air passageway because the tungsten is a very radioactive element. It would help if you took care of yourself during the grinding process.

8. Know the gases use in Tig:

You must know the gases used in tig welding. There is 100% argon used in it. Sometimes, the combination of helium and argon is used. If the number of helium increases, then the temperature decrease due to which there will be a clear shrinking of arc.

9. Use big rod:

Always use large rods for the welding and grinding process. Usually, the 3/32 or below diameter is used for tig welding. Always try to use a 1/8 inch diameter rod.

10. Angle:

It would be best if you always kept the angle of the torch different as compared to the welding equipment. If you own both angles the same, then there will be a bounce of light, and the whole procedure will be destroyed.

11. Protect from shock:

In order to protect yourself from shock, you should always keep some non-conductive material with you. It is best to wear gloves that will protect you from sudden electric shock.

12. Use thin gloves:

You should always use thin gloves during the welding process because it will reduce the weight on your hands. If you use heavy gloves, then it will hinder the welding process. Thin gloves help you to feel how it feels when you hold rods.

In short, tig welding takes some time to learn. You should be consistent and keep working on it. In this way, you can get a command of the tricks and tips of the tigs welding.

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