Who Invented School? Who Invented The School? History Of School

School is a term familiar to all of us either from any community or a person of any age. For centuries, our parents, their parents, and their forefathers had experienced the environment of the school. And it is obvious that the next generations will also experience it in the same manner. But Do you ever think about who invented school? 

When the question “who invented school” arose we can see the name Horace Mann, professor of Latin and Greek, as the inventor of the modern school system. Other than this, the school has a very elongated and attributed history which can be traced back from Ancient Greece to date.

Timeline Of Formation Of School According To Civilizations

Education and transfer of education through generations are being conceptualized from the very beginning of human history. First education was passed out through skills and knowledge from parents to children in an informal way. Gradually, formal education systems got introduced in the form of academies, madrassas, and small communities. 

Although modern school structure is entirely different from early school systems that are modified with the passage of time according to different civilizations, that can be represented under below: 

1. Role of Ancient Greece:

 The formal education system has been traced back to ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and ancient Egypt since around 385 BC or 500 AD.  In this education system, students were gathered at specific places to get education from tutors. These places were known as academies, a term introduced by ancient Greek philosopher and scholar Plato, who established a school of philosophy in an area named Akademia.

2. Byzantine Empire; the invention of the first school:

In about 425 AD, the first school was invented with the establishment of the University of Constantinople. The education system and structure were much more organized, comprehensive, and structured than the education system of other cultures. This formal school was focused on the delivery of specific subjects like medicine, philosophy, law, arithmetic, etc.

Byzantine Empire was first provided formal primary, secondary, and high-level education in urban and rural areas of the Empire.  Compared to other countries and cultures, the people of the Byzantine empire were much more literate and civilized at that time.

3. Islamic culture:     

Religion Islam puts great emphasis on the importance of learning and education. Islamic civilization is influential in history who invented the school system in a more systematic and advanced way. 
Islamic culture introduced a systematic way of education and emphasis on learning for all, for this purpose they built madrassas and community centers in different cities and political elites.
These centers are more like the modern-day school system. This structured system also led the base for the Ottoman empire.

4. Modern age School System:

The clear and greatest influential phenomenon of the modern age school system is regarded as an individual from the USA named “Horace Mann”. He was born in 1796 and was a brilliant student.  Later in his life, he was chosen for the Massachusetts legislature and was dynamic in the progression of education.

In 1837, he was named to be the Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education, and this is the place he started his work on making the school system that we know today. He demanded that schools should be financed by the general population, that schools be non-partisan, and that educators ought to be a well-prepared and professionalized class of laborers.

5. The Deep Discussion/Details:

He additionally upheld for schools to instruct understudies paying little mind to their group, he accepted training was an approach to even out circumstance, and that understudies of every single social class ought to have a typical learning experience. In case you’re posing the inquiry ‘who designed the cutting edge educational system in the USA’,. Horace Mann would have an extremely solid case as its creator.

In any case, do remember that there were a lot of schools, universities, and even instruction frameworks as of now set up before Mann. In any case, he was a trendsetter and solid backer in the field of training. And a considerable lot of the elements and attributes of the cutting-edge US tutoring framework can be followed back to him.

Some Interesting Facts About The Invention Of The School

  1. The very first University in the world, the oldest is the University of Bologna, was established in 1088.
  2. Horace Mann introduced 6 principles of public education.
  3. The first intelligence test was developed in 1905 by Alferd Brent.
  4. College screening tests were introduced in the 1900s for admission to colleges.


It is hard to name a solitary individual, or even a single culture or nation, as the ‘creator’ of school in the debate of who invented school. The possibility of instruction has likely existed since people figured out how to impart each other with language. Yet, right now, we attempted our best to impart to you a portion of the notable individuals and societies that added to what we consider as ‘school’ today.

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