The Farmboy Who Invented The Television – Who Discovered Television

Philo Taylor Farnsworth a very young inventor who has credit for the invention of television only at the age of 14th. Every child has many imaginative schemas and questions about characters and peoples playing on a television. How went on the television? How these characters are consuming in a tiny box. These questions are raised because they are seeing a tiny functional box called television. 

Sometimes, a question who invented television also comes up in minds. A 14-year boy Philo Taylor Farnsworth and his efforts are the answer to this question. We give credit to Farnsworth for the invention of television not because he was the one who invented television but he was the first person who sorted out how to transmit and visualized the images on a tiny box.

In the late 19 century, there were some scientists who worked on the idea of innovation of television which gave the base for the modern invention of television. 

The invention of First Mechanical television 

In the world of televisions, we first have mechanical televisions before the invention of electronic televisions. These early televisions began showing up in the mid-1800s. They included precisely filtering pictures at that point transmitting those pictures onto a screen. If we compare them with electronic televisions they were very simple. 

One of the principal mechanical televisions utilized a pivoting circle with openings synthesized in a winding example. This gadget was made freely by two creators: Scottish innovator John Logie Baird and American designer Charles Francis Jenkins. The two gadgets were created in the mid-1920s. 

Before these two creators, German innovator Paul Gottlieb Nipkow had built up the primary mechanical television. That gadget sent pictures through wires utilizing a pivoting metal plate. Rather than considering the gadget a television, nonetheless, Nipkow considered it an “electric telescope”, which had 18 lines of goals. 

In 1907, two designers – Russian Boris Rosing and English A.A. Campbell-Swinton – consolidated a cathode beam tube with a mechanical checking framework to make an absolutely new television framework. Eventually, the early endeavors of these creators would prompt the world’s first electrical television a couple of years after the fact.

The invention of electronic television 

Philo Taylor Farnsworth who invented television first was electronic television. He studied electrons and sort out the phenomena that how to transmit lines into an image. He captured the images on a screen with the help of a beam of electrons.

He was the first scientist who demonstrated successful transmission of images over a distance place. His television signal transmission was demonstrated on 7th September 1927. After innovation, he also worked for modification of his innovation along with his wife Elma. 

Between1926 and 1931, mechanical television creators kept on tweaking and test their manifestations. In any case, they were totally destined to be out of date in contrast with present-day electrical televisions. By 1934, the majority of televisions had been changed over into the electronic framework.

Some interesting facts about the invention of television

  • The first colored television set was invented in 1904. 
  • The first television station was broadcasted in 1928 in America. 
  • The first television set design was made by John Baird and publically shown off in 1928. 
  • The first remote control for television sets named “Zoom in” was made in 1948. 
  • The first true remote control was made in 1955 by Zenith. 
  • The first television program was shown in 1928 by WRGB called The Queen’s Messenger. 
  • The first television commercial was broadcasted in 1941. 


As mentioned above, television invention has a share of many scientists along with different efforts. But if we seek the answer to the question who invented television in one word then it is definitely Philo Taylor Farnsworth.

He was a determined scientist who not just invented television but also worked for its modification. He worked for his whole life for the perfection of television. 

From the 1950s to date there are many changes and advancements in the formation of television. Now we have more advanced and smart televisions. We have televisions with multiple features. Now we have televisions with the 3-dimensional view along with smart features.

It is also true that modern-day television set up has a strong influence on our lives that we cannot even imagine our lives without this invention. 

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