How To Generate & Save Google Authenticator Backup Codes 2021

Google authenticator implements two-step verification services which are used to protect the google account and it requires a code to Sign In. The Google Authenticator backup codes are received through, mails, messages, authenticator apps, etc.,

Google Authenticator backup codes generate an approximately 8-digit password which is used instead of log-in details. But sometimes our phone is lost and we don’t know our security key so we need to keep the google backup codes in a place that can help us in a situation like this. The hacker tries to attack your phone the authenticator reduces the risk with the help of codes it generates.

how to generate google authenticator backup codes 2021


You are eager to know more about google authenticator backup codes to protect your privacy on your accounts. Let’s get started with the discussion!


How to sign up with backup codes

As we studied later, a backup code is when the use of the phone is lost or the security key is forgotten you can sign in to your account using the backup codes.

  • The backup code is inactive after use.
  • A new backup code is also generated and due to this, the old one is automatically inactivated.

Sign in on Computer

To sign in with backup codes is different on a computer than android or iOS. But you need to check your backup codes first. For this on your google account select ‘security and then choose ‘two-step verification ‘and below backup codes click ‘show codes’. To see the backup codes two-step verification, need to be ON. However, let’s learn How to sign in on a computer.


  • Open any google service which requires a password and username.
  • Select more options instead of entering username and password.
  • Select eight digits code options.
  • Enter code.

 Sign in on Android

On android open settings and select manage google account>click security > sign in to two-step verification and see the backup codes you can also print or download them. The steps to sign in on android are:

  • Find backup code.
  • Select more options instead of login details.
  • Enter backup code when asked for 8- digit code.


How backup code protect google-authenticator

There are different ways to protect google authenticator but let’s discuss the protection with backup codes. Most of the websites including google use two-step verification for security purposes and give a backup code. 

If you forget your OTP token the code is used instead of it. Using one app you can engage multiple different websites. These websites have the availability to use backup code if your phone is damaged or lost. These backup codes are safe as the handwritten password. But if an intruder finds them then it is not safe enough to protect your account and the intruder is someone you know.

 Few backup codes that are generated in 2017, Nov 9 are:

  • 7958 9575                       9639 3831
  • 7630 8446                       3243 6466
  • 1406 4023                       86342741
  • 7693 9161                       50295319
  • 0498 1039                       45356352


A few things are considered before printing the backup codes which are:

  • Do not keep them at hand.
  • Sometimes the paper is lost or damaged.
  • Not all websites allow them.

 Google authenticator backup codes have their negative points along with benefits.


How to reclaim backup codes

To reclaim the backup codes if you did not download then first log in to your Google account and log in again on the 2FA site. Once the account is open click the show code. A message is appearing which shows all emergency code needed for safety in a .txt file and the code are those that are not used before because backup code used only once.

As you download your file then encrypt it and do not leave unprotected for anyone to see. There is a line that could tell the know-how about codes, delete that line and then encrypt your file after then your codes are safe. 

How to generate new backup codes

Moreover, along with the reclaim, you can also generate new backup codes. You can generate the codes by following the same method as you reclaim the code.

Instead, there is a button to generate code by clicking it. A new code is generated, use six of them and consider the seventh as your key if you lose the phone. You can use the seventh one to open the account.

How to save backup codes?

Luckily you have the availability to save your backup so that when you lose your phone or something else happens you have a backup at your hands. The backup is stored in different ways which are:

1.NoteDown Codes 

One of the easiest ways to store the backup codes is to write them on a piece of paper. This will reduce the chance of hackers attacking your account.


The screenshot is the latest technology tool. Nowadays people usually take a screenshot of everything. The screenshot helps you to save your code and store it on another device. Save them on a USB as well because this approach is not very useful and hackers still find them on your device somehow.

3.Save backup on a separate device

Another way to backup is to store it on a separate device. if you have another phone use it to store the codes and carry the phone along yourself. You can save the code in another phone by scanning codes or manually as well but this approach also has drawbacks you might lose your phone or damage occur to it. Nothing is completely safe.

4.Transfer backup codes to a current phone

To transfer the backup codes to a new phone has different ways you can do this by authenticator app tool or without authenticator app tool and the method is also different in android and iOS. Let’s get started with the methods.

5.Authenticator tool

Transferring the authenticator to the new phone is not so difficult.  Few steps need to be done for transferring with the help of the authenticator tool. To ensure the successful transfer, both devices have the new version of the authenticator.

The process starts with the menu icon on the phone from which the data is transferred. After this enter the PIN code and verify the identity and select the receiver phone. Select google authenticator and click get started on the receiver before importing the account. Scan the QR codes, if the old phone has various codes, follow the precipitate to complete the process. On iPhone additional steps are performed for transferring.

Absence of authenticator tool

Moreover, transferring through the authenticator is not successful due to certain reasons, you can transfer without the tools by manually transferring the account. For the process download the app on the phone and sign in to your Google account on the authenticator site on your pc. After login, hold your phones for transferring.

Select change phone in an app section before the type of the model. follow precipitate to complete the process. later scan the codes on the website of authentication, identify the process with the help of a six-digit code, along with successfully transferring the source phone codes disabled.

Precautions: If you delete the app from the source phone before the successful transferring you might lock the remaining accounts.

Retrieve the authenticator account along with the key

You are given the backup key in case you can’t have access to the account. The key helps you to save your account in case of damage. you can do this by following the steps:

  • Load the authenticator app.
  • Tap the ‘+’ sign once the account is discovered.
  • Enter the backup key you save.
  • Open your account.

Google authenticator codes are a reliable way to protect your personal information. You know how to save your account with the help of codes, even if your phone is lost or you change your phone you can easily retrieve your data. you have learned how to save those codes by handwritten, screenshots, on separate devices. You have various ways to protect your info but it does not give you complete protection because along with the technology the hackers have also found new ways to hack your account.