Is Bluestacks safe: is it a trustworthy concern of Cybersecurity?

 Is Bluestacks Safe?

Bluestack is the android contender and it is approved by its users which are approximately 400 million. It is developed for gaming purposes and also used to test apps before being out to google play. It was developed in 2009 by Samsung, AMD, Intel and it has legal status like other software.

Bluestacks use to run your android apps on the desktop, not only on the window but also on mac. It looks like the games that are not available on the android apps finding those games with the help of bluestacks is not so difficult. Bluestacks provide a computerization environment.

 Recently a question arose related to security: Are bluestacks safe? Well, it has a flaw along with benefits not to mention it provides a lot of convenience for its users. In this discussion, you’ll learn about the safety associated with the bluestacks which is a concern of cybersecurity.

 Bluestacks Illustration

 Bluestacks is an android emulator for those who want to play android games on windows, macs. It allows multitasking which helps a device to perform various tasks at a time and it has an eco-mode to maintain the balance of the device.

Bluestacks is running on Windows 10 and macOS sierra. It also supports messaging apps such as messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc., It is available on google play, Gmail, in another word it is like a comprehensive store for those who want to enjoy android apps without having android apps. 

Bluestacks does not require an additional legal permit to install on a device in which it is downloaded; it has its feature that is needed for installation. The new version is downloaded on the official bluestacks website. The new version is v4 of the blue stacks which is available on all apps related to android .it is excellent virtualization software though other software is available they are not stable and performance is not guaranteed. Testing, debugging, are also done with the help of bluestacks

 Now that we know what bluestacks are? But the real question is whether is it trustworthy or not? So, let’s study the safety associated with bluestacks. But first discussed features of the bluestacks.

Features of Bluestacks

 The features associated with the blue stacks are given below:

  • Smooth Integration.
  • Modernized Version.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Smooth installation.
  • Macros.

1. Smooth Integration

Bluestacks integrate with the different features of the pc such as camera speaker, keyboard, etc. it seems like these devices are built for android features and the apps are easily installed on pcs. 

2. Modernized Version

Bluestacks are always available in up to dated versions; the latest version is bluestacks 4. The developer quickly updates it with new features and improvements in the existing features.

3. The interface is User-Friendly

Android apps on pc are not so difficult to use which is due to their user-friendly interface. even during the first, it is easy for anyone because it is similar to android devices. Bluestacks use the KitKat version but it is super easy than you thought.

4. Smooth Installation

Installation of bluestacks is smooth even if it is an EXE file you can’t find any difficulty in installing. You can install it on the google play store and enjoy your favorite games on pc.

5. Macros

Moreover, With the help of the macro’s editor, you can easily use the keyboard and control their keys for a different purpose.


 Is Bluestacks Trustworthy or Not?

Here comes the most important question of this topic: Are bluestacks trustworthy or not? The question is arising due to the antivirus programs in our system. Antivirus protects our system from viruses by giving us a warning if there is any malicious link in a file we are trying to download. so, when we download bluestacks it requires stopping the antivirus protection to complete the downloading process. That’s why a question related to the security of the bluestacks has emerged.

Detecting bluestacks as antivirus is not a big problem. Sometimes the antivirus detects a few applications, or software as threats and it is false so this is not proved that bluestacks is not safe based on the false assumptions.

The bluestacks want to stop the antivirus because the installation process is not completed without it .So you need to disable the software and when the installation is complete you can enable the protection. if the protection program keeps giving false detection, put the software in a trustworthy program. now that you know that bluestacks is safe and it is not a threat to our windows pcs or macOS.

 The reason why the bluestacks is considered a threat to our systems are:

  • AutoStart ability.
  • Changes in the files occur.
  •  services are stopped, start automatically.
  • It can write files in window folders. 

 These are the activities of the malware that’s why antivirus considers the bluestacks as a threat. But it is completely safe to download and use. 

Authorization of Bluestacks

Bluestacks is completely authorized by google and it does not charge any for any services. because it is an open-source emulator and provides the virtual environment on a desktop. 

Some emulators are illegal. They need pirate hardware for games which is illegal so stay away from that software which is dangerous for systems.

Installation of Bluestacks

As we discussed that bluestacks is safe to download so let’s discuss how to install it on Windows and macOS? On windows

  1. Download from the official bluestacks website.
  2. Open the file you download.
  3. Install it on your laptop and you can customize the location of your choice.
  4. Let it install on your pc
  5. Create an account and enjoy the features.

 If you have a MAC so download it by following the steps given below

  1. Download by selecting macOS.
  2. Open the file and select installation.
  3. If the security error occurs click allow.
  4. Wait for installation with proper setup.
  5. enjoy android games on mac.

By following these steps, you can easily install bluestacks in your systems


Requirement for Bluestacks in Windows and MacOS

Sometimes people complain that the performance of the system is affected due to bluestacks happens when your computer does not have the proper equipment for the bluestacks but you still install it on your system. There are some requirements related to the installation in windows and macOS.

 For windows

  • Window 7 or any window higher than it.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • 5GB space.
  • AMD.
  • Graphics drivers are up to date

For macOS

  • macOS Sierra, Mojave.
  • 4GB RAM.
  • 4GB disk space.
  • The driver is up to date.

These are the basic requirements that need to be filled to download bluestacks in our system without any difficulty in performance.

 Adjudication about Bluestacks Safety

The answer to the question is: are bluestacks safe? Is that yes, it is safe without any query? Some antivirus program detects malware but we have discussed the reasons for this in the above and now it is clear it is safe to install in your windows and macOS with few requirements to justify the installation.


In this subject, we studied the safety of our system regarded with bluestacks and we give a reason why it is safe? How to download it? What are the requirements to download bluestacks? Though it is safe to download it, nothing is perfect. It can affect the performance if not downloaded with proper requirements. so, use it with precautions to enjoy games and android apps on pc without having the devices.