Can’t connect to Chromecast: what to do to fix it.

Chromecast is for streaming your shows through the help of WIFI on tv, mobile devices, pcs, etc., but sometimes it is very irritating when you find a problem in a connection with Chromecast. You want to fix it somehow to enjoy your streaming. Let’s discuss How to fix it when you can’t connect with Chromecast? But first, basic knowledge about Chromecast is necessary.

Chromecast is a device that uses a wireless connection to connect your phone on tv or pc. If you want to watch the season on TV instead of on mobile, you can do this with the help of the Chromecast through WIFI rather than using cables for connection. 

You can also carry it with you on traveling and use it to watch shows on your hotel’s tv as well. But it is difficult to connect due to various reasons which we are discussing in this particular topic. so, sit tight to find the answer to your question.

Reasons for disconnection to Chromecast

There are various reasons why Chromecast is not connecting? and we are going to see how to solve these problems which are given below:

1.WIFI connection is not establishing to Chromecast

On your pc or tv if you see a WIFI signal but you are unable to connect your Chromecast with them then a few things need to be done to establish the connection between them. 

  1. Chromecast is turned on and successfully connected to the device.
  2. White LED light is shown on the Chromecast device.
  3. The password is correct.
  4. Ensure the availability of the latest version of google home on android or iOS.
  5. The area of the connecting devices is 15-20ft.
  6. Is the network you are trying to connect used or not?
  7. Is there any change in the network?

If there is any reason among those who are responsible for disconnection then do troubleshooting to fix the error.

  • Troubleshooting to fix errors:

The steps involved in troubleshooting are in the following:

1. Rebooting

  • Unimpeded the power for one minute.
  • Remove the Chromecast device from the connection.
  • Reconnect the devices.

2. Mobile devices WIFI is off and then turn it on.

3.On a dual-band router connect 2.4 or 5GHz.

4.One small step-factory reset

2.Chromecast not shown on google home

Another reason is you are unable to find Chromecast on google home if the situation due to this reason tries to do few things for setup.

  • Checklist
  1. Check WIFI.
  2. Check the LED light whether it is red or white.
  3. Fixed the pop-up window when the pop-up window appeared in the TV show. If not, click Next.
  4. Try to connect with other visible networks.
  5. If your tv or phone is connected through ethernet, change the connection with WIFI only. On your Android device,
  6.  make sure ” Location Services” is activated. 
  •  Troubleshoot

Few things need to be done if one does not resolve to try another step

  1. Close the home and then reopen. If not solve move to the next step.
  2. Try to switch the WIFI on/off and again follow step 1.
  3. Use another device for connection.
  • Factory reset 

Accomplish the factory reset on Chromecast which is different on Android and iOS. By applying a factory reset your data will be completely removed.

  • On Android

The process works by doing the factory reset along with Chromecast Google TV. The method to do this is in the following:

  • Voice remote
  1. On the tv screen tap on the setting option.
  2. System>about>factory reset.
  • Chromecast device
  1. Hold the button of the Chromecast when you plug it into the tv and the color of the LED is yellow.
  2. Release the plug when the light turns white.

 Connection with iOS is almost the same with few changes in the process

 Connect Chromecast with HDMI extender

The other reason for the disconnection is that it has a difficulty in finding the signals for connection. tv has a strong shield and the signals passing through it are struggling hard. That’s why Chromecast needs help with the connection.

Now solve the problem by using HDMI extension cable to connect to TV and WIFI connection. When plugged into a TV, the cable provides extra space for the Chromecast and allows it to capture network signals and connect. 

The cable is stiff and a few inches longer than the normal cable.

Update of the google chrome

Sometimes there is an update available on google chrome. Due to this reason, the connection of the Chromecast is not established.This can be resolved by making some adjustments in your account, and the Chromecast will return to normal. The changes are given below:

  • Open browser.
  • Tap on more options.
  • Update the chrome if it is available.
  • Allow the updates to execute.

Renew your router or modem

After applying all different techniques and still, your Chromecast is not connected then try to do a few changes on your router/modem. Disconnect your router from power and restart it. Before connecting again to the power, wait for around 10 sec and then charge the power on. You must wait more than 1 minute to connect.

Note: Usually modem and router are the same but if different devices then first connect modem then router.

Update on the firmware of the router

Sometimes the update on the router causes a mess and the connection is disturbed. If updates are available then go to the setting menu of the router and click on the updates. Even if the change is not affecting more, at least the performance is improved and becomes efficient. 

Make sure the bandwidth is 2.4HZ

Another reason for disturbance is the bandwidth. WIFI has two frequency bandwidth the Chromecast mostly work on 2.4HZ bandwidth. Make sure the bandwidth is 2.4Hz because the frequency is relatively lower and it can easily pass through the solid objects. For sure, go to the setting of the router and change the bandwidth to 2.4HZ. If other devices are connected to 5HZ let it be, just click the “enable guest mode”, for connection of Chromecast.

Change the router’s channel 

When interference occurs between the router is also causing trouble between the Chromecast and the TV. Sometimes you and someone near you use the same router channel, and then try to change the channel so that the Chromecast can connect.

For the changing tap on router settings and on a subsection of the wireless options known as “channel and SSID” the names are different on other devices. In the “channel” option tap on auto and change the channel until you find less interference in a channel. connect to that channel and enjoy the streaming.

Normally the Chromecast is connected to the channel 1,6, 11 but try to use the channel on which a few persons are connected. This will improve the performance of Chromecast.


How to connect Chromecast to the hotspot?

One of the frequently asked questions is a connection to a hotspot.No no need to connect to WIFI, you can connect it to the hotspot once, and then you have to connect to the hotspot without additional settings. The steps for connection are:

  • Connect Chromecast to hotspot running device

First of all, connect the Chromecast to the pc or another device that has hotspot availability. Set it for once and then enjoy streaming

  • Use another device for setting

If you are connecting on pc then use a tab or phone for the setting of the Chromecast you can’t use the same device for connection.

  • SSID remains same

Don’t change SSID because it is used for connectivity and only with the help of it your device is identified for hotspot connection. If you change it you are not able to connect, and you need to repeat the setup.

Chromecast is necessary for streaming on Netflix, and many other platforms. Sometimes a connection with the devices causes frustration and you need to find how to fix the problem. In this topic, you will learn the cause of the disconnection of the Chromecast and the solution to those problems. Nothing always remains fixed a problem in a device is normal so just stay patient and try to follow the solution carefully for a better result