Ring Doorbell Battery Not Charging: How To Fix?

Ring doorbell has given us an affordable reach to the home security system. But what is going to happen when there is a problem with the battery and the doorbell is not working due to a battery problem. That will increase the risk of the criminals being unexposed or you might lose an important parcel. How long will you keep your home safe?

The ring is a company of amazon and they have developed a trust in the field of safe and secure home appliances. The doorbell is one of the smart gadgets to keep the home safe. But there seems to be a problem with the battery of the ring doorbell. A lot of people are complaining about their charging issue regarding the doorbell.

The main gate is the ideal location for the doorbell because the bell has sensors so they can detect the motion and notify you on your pc, tabs, phones, etc.,. And you are able to know the person behind the door without opening the door.

Although the doorbell has many possibilities, once a problem occurs, it will bring many safety hazards to our lives. So, let’s discuss the reasons Why the ring doorbell battery is not charging? and solve our problems.

The problem seems to happen with the Battery

The manufacturer is giving the warranty for about 6-12 months of the battery. But people are complaining that the battery is reduced in a few days. There are a lot of reasons behind this. The bell is designed to detect any kind of motion near it and if you are living in a crowd it might be possible that the battery charging is used a little more than normal.

But there is a solution to the problem. Let’s discuss the circumstances of the failure and the solution of those problems.

Check WIFI Connection

If there is a problem with the WIFI then this will affect the doorbell and provoke the battery to drain quickly. A proper connection between the devices is necessary for the charging life of the battery.

If a situation like this happens then try to adjust the router, restart it and check the signals whether they are weak or not. You can check the router connection with the help of the ring app. The process for detection is:

  • In the call application, select the device you are having trouble with
  • Underneath the health device menu, check RSSI.


The RSSI shows the signals between the router and connecting device. The signals have a reading that shows how much interference is between the devices. The reading -66 indicates a lot of interference and -44 shows a strong signal and if the problem due to the signals occur it might lie between those readings. The signals are disturbed due to the distance between the doorbell and the WIFI device. Try to keep them close and reduce the hindrance between the devices as well such as other electronic devices that use WIFI.

Bad weather affect

The ring doorbells have lithium batteries and they are affected by the change in temperature. The batteries were designed to work at a fixed temperature if the temperature changes, they cause an issue in charging that will affect the doorbell functioning.

The extreme and lower temperature is not an ideal temperature for the ring doorbell. The temperature range for the ring doorbell is -5-degree Fahrenheit and 120-degree Fahrenheit. 

 If The temperature exceeds 120 degrees F then the rig doorbell prevents the charging because of the activation of the thermal protection

If you live in a cold area, all you can do is leave the doorbell at home. Another solution is to update your doorbell with a pro version that has higher resistance than the normal battery.

Persistent tasks

As we have studied earlier the ring doorbell has sensors and they detect even a slight motion that will cause the drainage of the battery faster. When the sensor detects motion, they get triggered and the power is utilized whether you answer the alarm or not. The battery consumes when you talk to the person outside or use a camera. The device that is connected to the ring stores a recording and consumes the battery.

The doorbell also detects the vehicles passing by the home and it will cause the battery to drain more than usual. The doorbell also picks the movement of the leaves sometimes so the drainage is also due to the persistent events.

The thing that you can do is to change the position of the doorbell, also change the setting of the sensor for detection. Set the coverage area to 10ft in this way you can be able to know who is at the door and you are able to avoid unwanted motion.

The wiring problem cause the load to run out

The wiring of the doorbell is not a problem but sometimes it causes problems with the battery life. The principle is trickle charging, and trickle charging is not useful for the battery; it will reduce the life of the battery and cause it to reduce the stability.

The hand wiring is a good option rather than charging the bell itself, but you need to be careful in the setup process otherwise it causes the problem of the power supply to the doorbell. The things to check if there is a problem due to the wiring are:

  •  Replace the damaged wire if a problem occurs in an old one.
  •   Tight the screw but not too tight, because it causes the mounting plate curve and affects the battery.
  •   Clean the contact, because it will prevent the current flow through the doorbell.
  •    Try to switch the wires to your contacts.
  •     Avoid using the damaged wire, which will have an impact on the battery charging.

 Issues correspond to power

If the other solution does not solve the problem then try to find out whether there is an issue related to the power supply or not.

Just try to ensure that the doorbell is getting proper power   and it can be done by with the help of few things which are:

Ring app device health

In an app of the ring doorbell, there is an option of the device health that show a few things such as:

  • Is the doorbell connected to the wire or not?
  • Is the power supply being proper?

To see the power on the ring doorbell the steps are:

  1. Click on the dashboard three lines.
  2. Point the device option
  3. Choose the device you want to see.
  4. Hover on the device health option.
  5. See the power supply.


The voltage of the transformer associated with the ring doorbell

The voltage of the transformer needs to be balanced otherwise it causes a problem. Sometimes the voltage of the transformer is higher than the ring doorbell, the wire that links them is too long and that will be the reason to drop the voltage and increase the resistance.

Less than 16V indicates that the doorbell voltage is not enough for charging, that’s why a powerful transformer is needed for charging, or if it is enough then try to fix the wiring.

Check the USB charger

The cable associated with the USB is working fine but still the doorbell is not charging so there is a need to check the charger. The charger needs enough amount of power to charge and the normal power for the charger is 2.1A and it will charge the ring doorbell in at least 5 hours.

But if the power is less than normal so it will take time to charge the battery or the other reason is that the charger is damage just switch with the new charger.