YouTube Vanced Apk: Latest Version 2022 [v17.27.35]

NameYoutube Vanced Youtube Vanced
PublisherVanced Team
Size163 MB
Total Downloads7,000,000+
UpdatedJuly 18, 2022
MOD FeaturesAd Free, Background Play
Download FileDownload Here
YouTube Vanced Apk

Are you annoyed by unusual ads on Youtube? Then don’t worry, the YouTube vanced apk is providing the facility to users to get rid of ads. Moreover, it is providing background play and auto replay features. You can easily play the background in a loop. Furthermore, it provides a default High-quality resolution and you can change it to a low-quality video as well.

Youtube Vanced Apk

Above all, you can easily block sponsored ads from your screen. Moreover, this feature will allow you to see the long video even of 2 hours without any ad. You can take part in the community by submitting comments. It is enabling another feature that is a dislike counter. It counts the dislikes on the video that YouTube removes.

YouTube vanced apk latest version:

There are many versions of the YouTube vanced apk but the latest one comes with many updates and features, which are as follows.

  • It comes with a bumped base.
  • Moreover, it returns that YouTube dislikes integration.
  • Above all, it comes with better ad-blocking features as compared with other apps.

The latest version is 17.27.35, while the youtube vanced apk old versions have some problems and faults. Moreover, you can see many changes and you will surely enjoy the use of the app.

After this, you might think that from where you can get this app? Let’s explore this.

What Is YouTube Vanced Apk App?

The Youtube Vanced Apk is a free app that has all the features of the original app, plus some extras. It’s available for Android users and has been downloaded over 2 million times. It allows you to access your favorite videos and channels, as well as browse through your subscriptions, playlists and recommendations. You can watch videos in HD quality without any advertisements while using this app.

It also allows you to download videos from YouTube directly to your device so that you can watch them later without having to use any internet connection on your phone or tablet. The app also supports offline viewing so that you don’t have to worry about running out of data or getting disconnected from the internet while watching videos on your phone or tablet screen.

YouTube Vanced Apk Features:

As we know that the youtube vanced apk is really an amazing app. Here are the best features of the youtube vanced apk.

  • Block All the Youtube Ads
  • Return Youtube Dislike
  • Sponsor Block
  • Play Videos in Background
  • Swipe control (Volume and Brightness)
  • Dynamic Plyer
  • Theme Change (Dark/pink/red/black)
  • Picture in Picture
  • Change (Speed and Resolution) Video
  • HDR brightness Full

Block All Ads:

This is the best Youtube vanced feature in this block all ads feature, you can watch your videos without watching ads. It removes all the ads from your videos and you can watch them without any disturbance. You can use this app in order to save your data and money.

Block All Ads

Return YouTube Dislike:

It allows you to return your YouTube dislike in a short time. You can also view the comments of your videos, as well as upload new videos.

Return YouTube Dislike

Sponsor Block:

This sponsor block feature of youtube vanced apk is also amazing because with this feature you can enable or disable the sponsorblock from setting. If you want to watch the sponsored segments then disable it or if you don’t want to see the sponsored segments then enable it from setting.

Sponsor Block

Play Videos in Background:

On your Android device, using this app you can watch and listen to YouTube videos while doing other tasks on your phone or tablet. You can play videos in landscape mode, rotate the screen, or adjust the volume.

Play Videos in Background

Swipe Control (Volume and Brightness):

Now you can mange your video and brightness by the swiping on the screen. This is the best way for control videos volume and brightness.

Swipe Control

Dynamic Player:

You can manage your youtube player size as in the old versions of youtube vanced apk.

Theme Change (Dark/Pink/Red/Black):

You can change the theme of youtube vanced apk, there are four options available in this feature. So change according to your choice.

Theme Change

Picture in Picture:

In this youtube vanced apk feature, you can use more then one app. You can play video in the small frame, during watching the video, you can other apps.

Change (Speed and Resolution) Video:

This is another amazing feature of the vanced apk, you can control the speed and resolution of the video. So enjoy this speed and resolution feature.

Change (Speed and Resolution) Video

Variants of YouTube Vanced Apk:

There are three types of variants of youtube vanced apk.

1. Root Variant

2. Non-Root Variant 3. Magisk Variant

Download YouTube Vanced Mod Apk Latest Version

Youtube Vanced Apk is an amazing application for watching videos in HD. The app has been designed to provide you with all of the functionality you need to stream videos from your favorite websites and watch them at the touch of a button while using minimal resources on your device.

You can download youtube vanced mod apk latest version 2022 directly from our site, or alternatively, click here:

App NameYoutube ReVanced Apk 2022
Size40mb/163mb + 13 mb
Android Support4.2 or up
Versionv17.27.35 (Youtube Vanced App) + v0.2.24 (MicroG)
Mod DevelopersVanced Team / Ytricks. net
Last Update1 day ago

How to Install YouTube Revanced Apk Step by Step

  • Download the Youtube ReVanced apk file from the link below.
  • Install it from the Play Store
  • Now open the Youtube app again and enjoy its new features
  • You need to Enable Unknown Soruces, Go to settings and enable the unkown sources.
  • If you sign in with “Google Accounts” then Download MICRO G APP.
  • Install “Micro G app”
  • Now open your youtube vanced app and sign in for watching the videos.

Download YouTube Vanced Old Version

Download youtube vanced old version and enjoy your favorite videos from you tube. You can download youtube vanced old version only for free without any cost without signing up with any service provider.

Youtbue Vanced apk v14.21.54 (Old Version)

Youtbue Vanced apk v16.49.37 (x86)

Youtbue Vanced apk v17.03.38 (Android 11/12)

Youtbue Vanced apk v17.03.38

Youtbue Vanced apk v17.22.37

Youtbue Vanced apk v17.27.35

YouTube Vanced for PC

YouTube vanced is your complete youtube experience on mac and pc. Now with the intuitive new youtube experience, you can watch all your favorite videos and music – anytime, anywhere.

There are two method for watching videos on pc with youtube vanced.

1. Emulator

2. Without Emulator

Youtube Vanced for Pc with Emulator:

In this method, you can use any emulator for use youtube vanced on your pc. But we suggest the bluestacks emulator to run this youtube vanced app for pc/macOS.

These are simple steps, just follow these steps;

With Emulator:

These steps will apply for the method of Emulator;

1. Download The BlueStacks Emulator

2. Install The Bluestacks Emulator

3. Apk Download

4. Install Apk File on bluestacks emulator

5. Install [Youtube Vanced & Micro G vanced]

6. Login

  • Login to the app with your Google Account
  • You need to use Google account separately for each Vanced type.

Without Emulator:

This step will apply for the method of without Emulator;

Without emulator you can also use youtube vanced apk on your pc/macOs.

Is this method, you just use the extensions

1. Adblocker

2. Enhancer

With the use of these extensions, you can enjoy your videos without ads. You can download these extensions from the Google Chrome store.

YouTube Vanced Apk for Ios

If you are an iPhone user, you can easily get vanced for your iOS. You have to follow the following steps given below.

  • You have to open and search for YouTube Vanced.
  • After searching you have to navigate to the link.
  • Then you have to follow the similar steps as you did above.

But Wait!

An iOS version of YouTube vanced is not available.


As you have seen how YouTube vanced changes your life. Moreover, you can enjoy it a lot from it. It will make your life hassle-free and enjoyable. Furthermore, you can easily enjoy background songs during your work.

Above all, it will be easily available to android devices. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

That’s it for this article. If you have any problems or issues regarding YouTube vanced do ask in the comment section given below. We will surely answer you to solve your problem.


Is YouTube Vanced Safe?

There is no need to worry about other viruses or nuisance software because this application is available in safe mode, secure mode, and many other modes which are auto-activated in the process of installation.

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